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Christopher G. Hodges Fire Chief / Director of Public Safety
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BBQ Grill Fire Safety – For 

Homeowners & Guests of Waterville


The Waterville Valley Department of Public Safety has established the following safety information for you: Charcoal or LP gas grills are strictly prohibited from decks or balconies above the ground floor. Charcoal or LP gas BBQ grills used on the ground floor must be located at least 15 feet from the building. There is significant danger of charcoal grills igniting combustible siding, decking, etc., and endangering residents of the entire condominium complex. LP gas tanks on gas grills are subject to venting the gas due to expansion overfilling or temperature change and must NOT be stored in dwelling units. DO NOT use charcoal grills on wood decks, or within 15 feet of residence or combustible fences or structures. Keep small children away when lighting charcoal or burners and during the starting process. DO NOT leave matches, lighters, or butane fuel starters where children can get them. Electric charcoal starting devices must be unplugged when not in use and must be allowed to cool down before storage. Dispose of charcoal ashes safely in metal container and/or cool them down with water. NEVER pour starting fluid directly on hot coals or open flames.

Fire Permits

Fire Permits from the Department of Public Safety. EVERY person, firm, or corporation who kindles or causes to be kindled any fire or shall burn or cause to be burned any material in or near the woodlands, or where fore could communicate to the woodlands, except when the ground is covered in snow where you are burning SHALL obtain a written fire permit from the forest fire warden in the town or city where the fire will be kindled. FIRE PERMITS REQUIRED RSA 227-L:17, I & II

Fire Inspections

The fire department conducts annual fire inspections for all commercial property in town that requires occupancy permits. Any fire code questions or to schedule your inspections please contact Capt. Jeff Dropkin via email or at the office at: 603-236-8809 Ext. # 312



Just a little before 8am on Tuesday

morning, The Waterville Valley Department

of Public Safety was called to respond to a

chimney fire at #19 Bobcat Way, Forest

Rim Condominium. The first engine arrived

and found the structure fully involved. Over

a dozen other towns were called to assist.

The first crew assisted an elderly resident

from the living room where fire was

actively burning. The family and three cats

made it safely out of the home. Crews

battles the fire for nearly two hours before

declaring it under control. It was a great

effort by the fire crews to keep the fire from

spreading to other units. Check out our

Facebook page for more photos.

10/14/2012 Live Burn Training

The WVFD had another rare opportunity to perform live fire training in the Valley. The 100+ years old summer house on Boulder Path Road near the Snow’s Mountain lift was burned and utilized for training. The house was going to be demolished to make way for a new home.

11/16/2012 New Fire Truck is Here!

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