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Citizen Public Safety Academy

Citizen Public Safety Academy

What do those guys do anyways?

Attend the annual Citizen Public Safety

Academy and find out!

What is it?

Locating a lost hiker in the National Forest, handcuffing and searching violators, and performing CPR on a person in cardiac arrest, may be skills required for the Waterville Valley Public Safety Department. However, these are the some of the skills that the dozen attendees of the Annual Citizen Public Safety Academy (CPSA) performed during the 6-week course. The 6-week CPSA is held annually every spring and open to everyone, free of charge. It is held at the Waterville Valley Department of Public Safety. Each week focused on a specific Police, Fire, or EMS topic. The citizens attended lectures and participated in "live" exercises instructed by members of the Department of Public Safety. Attendees learned about all aspects of Public Safety in Waterville Valley. "This has been such a great opportunity to connect with our community. The Citizen Academy has consistently been well attended and illustrates that there is a genuine interest in what we do." said Chief of Police David Noyes. "We make sure each week is going to be fun and informative." Members were taught about GPS and the 911 system. At the end of the lecture a lost hiker scenario was presented to the group and they were tasked with finding him. With the help of GPS, mapping software, and thermal imagers, the group located the lost hiker, (a CPR dummy named "Rob") in a remote location off of the Livermore Road. Another evening the group learned about police use of force and the tools utilized in these situations. After the lecture, the citizens practiced handcuffing, baton training, and firearms, utilizing training pistols designed to shoot marker paint at a target. Each member was given the opportunity to don full protective gear and "Be the cop" in a car stop scenario. Citizens had to make split second decisions in a use of force situation and decide whether to shoot or not shoot the actor assailant. The group was also certified in the new "Hands Only" CPR and AED. At the conclusion of the course, they participated in a cardiac arrest event scenario with Public Safety personnel. Gaining first- hand knowledge of how a regular citizen can step forward during a cardiac emergency and make a difference in saving somebody's life. At the conclusion of the Academy, the group participated in an informal graduation and pot-luck barbecue held at the Waterville Valley station. The event serves as a station open house and equipment and vehicle display. All members were able to take a ride in the bucket of the ladder truck.  For information and to sign-up to participate in this academy contact Admin Assistant Sharon Charron or Chief David Noyes at 236-8809 or pdchief@wvpublicsafety.com.  

6th Annual Citizen's Public Safety

Academy Recap

June 5, 2013

The Waterville Valley Department of Public Safety presented the 6th Annual Citizen's Public Safety Academy that wrapped up on June 5th. Local citizens participated in the five week program learning about all aspects of Public Safety in Waterville Valley. "We had our largest turnout this year. I was great to see the amount of interest and participation from the resident in what we do." Chief Noyes said. The purpose of the program is to expose our community members to the equipment, training, and capabilities of the department. The one- night a week program concentrated on one public safety topic a week. Chief Noyes stated, "Waterville Valley DPS has an advantage to teach all aspects of public safety because we still remain the only full-time police, fire, and EMS combined department in the northeast. " The academy strives to be very "hands-on" and breaks away from a traditional lecture format. Opening night started with a brief introduction and history of the department. The participants were then given a station tour, which was interupted by a dumpster fire at the transfer station. Everyone suited up and raced to the fire in the fire apparatus. Once there everyone got a chance to battle the blaze and learn about the inherent dangers with fighting these types of fires. The second session was Search & Rescue Operations and GPS. We discussed the latest trends in search and rescue and used real life examples and lessons from our own experiences in the valley. We were then faced with finding a missing teen in the woods behind the skae park. Search teams were organised into line seaches and GPS and given their area to search. Proudly each team was able to find all the clues and bring Ida Hide back home safely. The next session we were visited by Tilton Police Officer and Central NH Special Operations (CNHSOU) Team Member, Chris Paquette. Chris talked about the  CNHSOU and displayed all his tools and equipment. We then exposed the members to a high risk building search where they navigated the darkness with a flashlight and used their “guns” to eliminate threats during their search. “I know my rights!” was the theme of the class taught by Captain John Katsirebas. Captain Kats gave the class a basic law lesson, what to do (or not to do) when you are stopped by the police, and what are some of the rights of citizens when they are subject to police interaction. The last evening culminated with the BBQ and potluck, open house, and humvee and ladder truck rides. "We strive to keep each year fresh and exciting. We have seen a large number of participants that have attended the previous academies." Chief Noyes states. “For the first time we started to see citizens from the Campton-Plymouth area, which is great! This program allows us to step out of our daily routine and get back to what really is most important, the citizens and community that we serve. " On behalf of the department we would like to thank all the citizens that took the time out of their day to participate. We would especially like to thank our members for volunteering much of their time for making the Citizen Academy such a success. The Citizen Public Safety Academy will be presented annually in the spring and is open to everyone! See you around!
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6th Annual CPS Academy Just Ended on June 5th
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